Jan Langos Award

Jan Langos was a strong personality that could not be carried away by the totalitarian regime because of his basic human and Christian values. He dedicated his entire life to defiance against communism as the manifestation of evil and lack of freedom. He always tirelessly defended basic human rights before and after 1989 in Slovakia, Eastern Europe and in the whole world. His life story is a conviction of the reality that even today the concept of truth, universal human values and nation's memory has to be defended from the totalitarian regime. For him there were two main principles while in the process of deepening and widening of democratic space in Europe: memory and solidarity.

Figures as Jan Langos are very few in Slovak history. Therefore Jan Langos Foundation wants to carry his life-long message and wants to honor people who by their deeds similarly revere truth, knowing one's past, solidarity and freedom.

Domestic Award

Jan Langos Foundation will annually bestow a domestic "Jan Langos Award". By bestowing this award the Foundation wants to support and honor people who showed civil courage while defending human rights, rights of the minorities or while standing for democratic values in society. Also people who with their activities revealed an essential historical reality or referred to a veiled spot in actual history and thus contributed to propagation of the idea of freedom and defense from the totalitarian regime. Candidate for bestowing of domestic or international Jan Langos Award can also be a person who created a piece of a significant Christian or philosophical virtue.

International Award

International "Jan Langos Award" will be bestow in cooperation with Pontis Foundation. Jan Langos Award will be bestow upon an outstanding figure of the local defiance against oppressed regimes and their security services. Also to key figures of the European civil society and foreign politics who endeavored for human dignity and freedom. First international award was given to a Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs prince Karel Schwarzenberg, who carried the message of Jan Langos consequently in foreign politics of the European Union. The Award was also an acknowledgment of his life-long effort in this direction even before 1989 from the other side of the former Iron Curtain.

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