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Jan Langos Foundation

Jan Langos Foundation was established from the initiative of Jan Langos's friends by his wife Gabriela and his daughters. Its goal is to continue in tireless endeavor for truth, freedom and democracy. In his generation, Jan Langos was the embodiment of persistent and consistent defiance against communism as the manifestation of evil and lack of freedom. After many years of conviction he succeeded in voting through the Nation's Memory Act in the Slovak Parliament, as well as the establishment of the Nation's Memory Institute. Opening of the Institute met with people's surprisingly great response. However, even the 13 years were not enough for the society to cope with its criminal history. The records of the former State Secret Service showed names of the people who collaborated with the communist regime, some under brutal enforcement, but many with the vision of the profit. It showed that these people still had a great power, executing positions of politicians, managers and even bishops. These people do not wish the truth about their sins to be exposed, that is why the future of the Nation's memory Institute is still in danger. Its existence depends to some extend on willingness of the Governmental parties to support it or reversely regulate its activities. Unfortunately, after tragical death of Jan Langos there was no other person who would guide the Institute with the same courage and determination, as he himself did it. That is why the Jan Langos Foundation came into existence. Its goal is to support initiatives of citizens that show civil courage in the fight for democratic values and in disclosing the truth about totalitarian regimes. Jan Langos foundation wants to continue in these commenced efforts.

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